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Find Quality Painting Accessories at Oshawa Paint and Courtice Paint

Whether you’re a contractor or a DIY-er in the Oshawa area, we have the painting accessories you need to do a quality job at Oshawa Paint and Courtice Paint. From brushes and scrapers to rollers and extension poles and much more, you’ll find everything you need here!


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Corona Brushes

Corona Brushes carefully craft their brushes and rollers to meet not just their high standards, but also yours.


For Corona, quality means taking pride in what they create. It's an old-fashioned concept, but one that has guaranteed Corona Brushes’ customers the finest tools for 80 years. Corona Brushes’ pays the sharpest attention to detail as they handcraft all of their professional paintbrushes. With the right amount of stock, taper, and their own hand formed, soft-flagged edge, Corona Brushes insure smooth, even, fast coverage time and time again.


Corona uses only the finest components in its paint brushes:


Hardwood handles
Stainless steel ferrules
Reinforced, deep epoxy settings
Fine flagg tips

Pintar Microfiber Rollers

With more than 25 years’ experience manufacturing paint applicators, Pintar has created the Microfiber paint roller, which provides an exceptionally smooth finish and excellent coverage. Concerned about the environmental impact of your painting tools? Microfiber is easy to wash and can be used again and again, so there’s less waste.



Superior coverage

Easy to clean

Exceptional smooth finishes

Maximum paint pick up

Wooster Roller Cages and Extension Poles

Courtice Paint carries roller frames and extension poles from the Wooster Brush Company, a company considered one of the most innovative manufacturers of paint applicators and equipment. Easily paint hard-to-reach surfaces with the rugged, durable and lightweight line of Sherlock® extension poles.

Richard Scrapers

For quality, cost effective paint and decorating tools, look no further than A. Richard, a leading manufacturer in the paint and decorating marketplace. Courtice Paint carries a wide range of Richard tools, from putty knives to wall scrapers to taping knives, including a selection of ergonomic tools for your working comfort!

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Oshawa Paint

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Courtice Paint

1414 King Street East, Unit 27

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Phone: 905-240-0072


Courtice Paint Hours


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Toll Free: 1-800-830-5917





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